A Better Health with the Goodness of Trivang Bhasma

weakThe diseases and health-related complications are a bitter pill to swallow because these are the complications which can’t be prevented. You might be wanted to be tagged as a picture of good health and for it; you may have been working diligently in order to achieve the same. Well, it doesn’t matter how much you are striving to attain your best health, ultimately someday, you may have to fall down because that’s the way the human body is. There are many reasons to be sick and many of those causes always present in your body waiting for your immune system to malfunction or to get weaken. As soon as your immune system gets to its knees, those causes become active taking over most of your body parts and start deteriorating your condition. Today the world is under threat of being the victim of many epidemic diseases which are ready to swallow the world.

ayurveda for healthThe world has witnessed innumerable epidemics and most of them have become the cause of thousands of fatalities over the years, therefore, you should strive hard to achieve your best health and be safe and sound. Are you having the sound knowledge of Ayurveda? Well, you must not have and this is where you have a shortcoming. Yes, what about not having the knowledge of nature? Well, you might found yourself nowhere. In the same way, if you don’t have the knowledge of Ayurveda and some of its medicines, well you might be losing the game. Yes, Today Ayurveda is on the zenith among its counterparts and the reason being the belief of patients on Ayurvedic treatment therapy and on its medicine. You might be glad to see the back of the complications which are perturbing you over a month of the time period and of course who doesn’t want. Well, at least I will be glad to see the back of the health-related complications and if you are among me, well you should consider being in the good books of Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic-IngredientsAyurveda has a whole new world waiting for you where you will be given a chance to interact with nature and its herbs which are being used for thousands of years in various kinds of ailments. You will be given a chance to deracinate all the complications that you are facing and those complications which might have become the sore point of your life if you would have kept using other treatment therapies instead of Ayurveda. Therefore, it is always an amicable business to be in the good books of Ayurveda. Today we are going to talk about one of the Ayurvedic medicine which is being used prevalently across India and some parts of the world and is gaining the patient’s belief that indeed, Ayurveda is way better for them compared to any other therapy. Trivang Bhasma is a kind of blessings in disguise as it was not that worthy for the patients for years but now as they are getting to know the benefits of Ayurveda; their respect is for Trivang Bhasma has taken a big fly to the zenith. You would not believe but Ayurveda has burgeoned over the years leaving way back to its counterparts.

Trivang BhasmaTrivang Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine which is being prepared by using some of the best herbs found in nature along with metallic ingredients. Lead, Tin, and Zinc are also known as Naga, Vanga and Yashada respectively in the Sanskrit language have been used in the preparation of this miraculous health tonic. These metallic ingredients are melted in an iron pan and then the powder of Bhanga Churna and Ahiphena was also known as Cannabis sativa Papaver somniferum respectively are mixed in the metallic mixer. This process is called Jarana. After that Jarana is mixed up with Aloe Vera gel for three hours and flat cakes are prepared which is then heated in the absence of the air in 700-800 degree Celsius, this process repeated seven times and more until the pale yellow color Trivang Bhasma hasn’t been achieved.

You may have listened to a proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed?” Well, Ayurveda and its every component are there with you in your gloomy days and may prove to be an amicable friend for you. You can achieve the better health with the goodness of Trivanga Bhasma as this medicine helps you in various diseases related to urinary tract, diabetes, urinary tract infection and also helps in balancing your Vata and Pitta. This formulation helps you eradicate the disease from the roots and will pave the way for overall a better health.

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