drakshasava ke fayde

Drakshasava – Health Benefits, Dosage and Side-effects

Drakshasava and Ayurveda If you are one of those who believes in Ayurveda, this can be a really informative article for you. We all heard of Ayurveda as this is one of the common as well as ancient treatment options. Ayurveda is not merely a treatment option but it is the complete knowledge of living Read More


A Better Health with the Goodness of Trivang Bhasma

The diseases and health-related complications are a bitter pill to swallow because these are the complications which can’t be prevented. You might be wanted to be tagged as a picture of good health and for it; you may have been working diligently in order to achieve the same. Well, it doesn’t matter how much you Read More


Yes, you can cure tuberculosis ayurvedically with Suvarna Parpati

According to the 5000 years old wisdom of Ayurveda, a person can only be happy when his/ her physical, mental and spiritual selves in harmony. But the question is how a person can be happy when there are a lot of diseases and infections all around us? Well, Ayurveda has a permanent cure for almost Read More


Sheetaprabha for all the urinary problems

These days many people are now switching to Ayurveda because they have understood the value of nature and Ayurveda in their life. Are you one of them or not? Do you know the value of nature or Ayurveda in your life? Let me explain you. A number of allopathic medicines are available to cure your Read More

Digestion with lahsundi bati

Treat gastroenteritis ayurvedically with Lashunadi Bati and improve your digestion

Lashunadi Bati is an ayurvedic medicine or you can say herbal formulation available in the tablet form. You can use this ayurvedic medicine in various health issues, especially stomach related problems. We may know that having stomach problems is a very common issue and you might have also suffered from several types of digestive problems Read More

ayurveda for digestion

Sutshekhar Ras for a better digestive health

Are you skeptical of using ayurvedic medicines for your digestive problem? Do not worry because today we are going to tell you an ayurvedic medicine that works more effectively than over-the-counter treatment as well as promotes better digestion. Maintaining a better digestive system is really essential as it turns foods into nourishments. Your digestive system Read More


Ushirasava for skin and stomach problems

                                  If you search on the internet or in the market, you will find a number of treatment options for treating your skin issues and stomach problems. The question arises that are these products or medicines effective to cure Read More


Apple cider vinegar and honey can remove kidney stones

If there is anyone who has suffered from a kidney stone, that person will say that this is the most uncomfortable and painful condition which is true. This is a very painful condition the pain which is associated with this can come and go. If you are or you know anyone who is suffering from Read More

Clindamycin for acne

Treatment of Acne-Which One Is Better, Clindamycin or Natural Treatment

The relationship of acne and human has a long history probably the time when the human first came into existence. It has been still pervasive throughout the world affecting most of the teen. Why do teenagers mostly get influenced by the acne? Well, the answer to this question is still in the deep dark, further Read More