Healthy Habits That Can Help You Live Longer


The average life expectancy of a human beings changes from place to place but can be taken to be approximately around 50 years. This number depends upon a lot of factors like the surroundings and the generics.

Although, it is also largely dependent on the type of diet you take and the amount of workout that you indulge yourself into. Here are some of the best healthy habits which can help you to increase your average life considerably.

Some Healthy Habits for Healthy Life


avoid-overeating1. Avoid Overeating

It is a very useful healthy habit to follow. The link between calorie intake and longevity currently generates a lot of interest. Research shows that a 10–50% reduction in normal calorie intake may increase maximum lifespan — at least in some animal studies. Studies of human populations renowned for longevity also observe links between low calorie intake, an extended lifespan and a lower likelihood of disease. What’s more, calorie restriction seems to be linked to reduction in excess body weight and belly fat, both of which are linked to shorter lives.

2. Eat Some Nuts

Nuts are nutritional powerhouses. They’re rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds. Nuts are also a great source of several vitamins and minerals, such as copper, magnesium, potassium, folate, niacin and vitamins B6 and E.

Several studies show that nuts have beneficial effects on heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, belly fat levels and even some forms of cancer.

When it comes to old age, a recent study observed that subjects who consumed at least 3 servings of nuts per week had a 39% lower risk of premature death. These all benefits make eating nuts a very useful and healthy habit.

exercise-regularly-and-be-physically-active-Healthy Habits3. Exercise Regularly And Be Physically Active

This is the best healthy habit which ahould be followed by all. It should come as a no surprise that being physically active and working out everyday can greatly help you keep fit and in robust health.

People generally cringe at the though of exercising since nobody likes to do it. (Wish all the good things in life came easy, no?)

Well the good news is that nobody has to work out like an athlete in training. All it takes is just 15 minutes of jog per or brisl walk per day to keep you healthy.

A recent review observed a 22% lower risk of early death in individuals who exercised, but less than the recommendation of 150 minutes per week.

However, people reaching the 150-minute recommendation were 28% less likely to die early. What’s more, people who exercised beyond that had a 35% lower risk of death during the study period.

alcohol-intake-moderate4. Keep Your Alcohol Intake Moderate

Heavy alcohol consumption is linked to liver, heart and pancreatic disease, as well as an overall increased risk of early death. Consuming alcohol is not a part of healthy habits. However, moderate consumption is associated with a reduced likelihood of several diseases, as well as a 17–18% decrease in the risk of premature death.

Wine is thought to be particularly beneficial due to its high content of polyphenol antioxidants.

Results from a 29-year study showed that men who preferred wine were 34% less likely to die early than those who preferred beer or spirits.

avoid-cronic5. Avoid Chronic Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress may significantly decrease your lifespan. Avoid anxietyand stress is also a part of healty habits. It helps your mind to keep calm.

For instance, women suffering from stress or anxiety are reportedly up to 2 times more likely to die from heart disease, stroke or lung cancer. Similarly, the risk of premature death is up to 3 times higher for anxious or stressed men compared to their more relaxed counterparts. If you’re feeling stressed, laughter and optimism could be two key components of the solution. You can  get rid of stress and anxiety by using natural methods.

The above mentioned Healthy habits are very useful to live a disease free long life

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