Stomach Cramps After Eating- Causes, Symptoms and Its Treatment

causes for stomach cramps

Cramps are something that nearly every people experience at some part of life. Cramps can affect anybody of any age and it can affect any part of human body depending on the myriad of conditions. Whether you are a pregnant woman or an industrious person cramps may occur in you and can cause myriad of problem for you. Any part of your body such as your legs, hands, abdomen, back, shoulder, thighs and many other parts of your body can be the victim of cramps depending on the environment you are working in or other physical conditions that can cause cramps in your body. Your abdomen is much more prone to cramps than any other part of your body. There could be much reason to be blamed for the cramps in your stomach and stomach cramps should not be ignored as it could be the indication of something unusual that is going through your stomach.

get-rid-of-stomach-acheStomach cramps after eating is one of the most common cramps that people face at some part of life and if you are experiencing severe pain after eating each meal then it could be deleterious sign for you and you should see your physician as soon as possible. The stomach pain could be the result of various medical conditions but you are most likely to have food allergy, food intolerance or irritable bowel syndrome. If you are one of those who has accepted pain after eating as normal part of life then you are mistaken. Pain could never be a normal part of life and nothing is normal about it. If you are healthy person then you should not have pain in your abdomen after eating food or you should not feel any kind of discomfort and if you do so then there could be problem for you. There could be many causes of stomach cramps after eating and some of those could be

Stomach Cramps Treatments


overeating for stomach crampsOvereating is considered one of the most common causes of stomach cramps after eating. If you are one of those who usually consume more food than the required amount then you are at the peak of getting stomach cramps after eating. Overeating could derail your digestion system and you digestion system may not work accordingly. When you eat excessively your stomach filled out with the food leaving no space for the enzymes and hormones to mix up with the food and stimulate the digestion process. If your digestion is not working accordingly it can have deleterious results for your stomach.

Oily or Spicy Foods

oily and spicy food for stomach crampsOily and spicy foods are those reason that affects your digestion system and don’t let your digestion system work properly resulting in indigestion. A chemical found in these kinds of foods is capsaicin which is believed to have negative impact on your stomach and can upset your stomach vigorously. Stomach cramps after eating is something that should be noticed and should be concerned with the doctor. Spicy foods works as toxic for your stomach and can cause myriad of issues for your body.

Food Allergies

food allergy for stomach crampsAlthough food allergy is less common but can affect you as well. Food allergy is something that should not be ignored and should be concerned with the doctor immediately. Food allergy is a condition where a specific or any type of food affects your stomach and causes myriad of symptoms including cramps. You could be allergic to wide variety of foods that may contain dairy products, starches, spices or even some kind of grains. Therefore you should have a close look on what you are allergic to or what to not.

Food Poisoning

food poisoning for stomach carmpsFood poisoning is a condition where you eat food contaminated with chemicals or some kind of other contaminants. Generally it only appears at once but can have deleterious result and may be possible you could be hospitalized as well. Many other reason could be the cause of stomach cramps after eating such as celiac disease, gallstones, blocked blood vessels, appendicitis etc.

There could be myriad symptoms of stomach cramps after eating and these symptoms can be perturbing for you. Symptoms may include fever, dehydration, pain, stretching in your stomach, severe pain, and other symptoms related to your stomach. These symptoms should not be ignored and you should see your doctor immediately. In order to be treated you should better know you condition first and if you are allergic to a specific food then tell it to your doctor so that he can prescribe seemly medications for you. Below some of the treatment options are enumerated which will surely help you get rid of stomach cramps after eating:

Rest Your Stomach

Your stomach is working industriously to digest your current food and you should not increase its work by eating more foods. You can give rest to your stomach and in order to do so, do not try to eat until you feel totally cleared. Try to drink water as it will help your stomach to digest existing food swiftly. Try to eat foods that are easily digestible such as fruits, rice etc.

anta acid pillsUse Antacids

Sometimes the food you eat is being mixed up with excessive amount of acids that are released by your body. What the antacid does here is that it neutralizes the acids in your body that may relieve your cramps. Use these medications slenderly as these medications is not a permanent solution of these kinds of medical problems.

Massage Your Stomach

Massage Your Stomach for stomach crampsMassage is one of the best ways to get rid of the stomach cramps after eating. It will immensely soothe you from pain as the muscles of your abdomen feel relaxed after the massage. Message should be mild in order to get best out of it or else the probability is that your condition may deteriorate.

Yogurt is good

If you are not allergic to dairy products then you can have yogurt as it contains good bacteria that may help aid in your digestion.

Feel Your Abdomen Warm

It would be good idea to let your abdomen feel warm. You can try putting a warm water bottle or a hot towel on your stomach that will make you feel relaxed and your pain will be gone. Your abdomen feels relaxed when any warm thing is being applied on your stomach and it can have myriad of other medical benefits for your stomach.

Above mentioned home remedies are very easy and effective for the treatment of stomach cramps.

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